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"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

The ability to base your trading decisions on hard quantitative data is a superpower.

Imagine if you could:

  • test 1000s of trading hypothesis/strategies in a matter of minutes

  • pick the one or a few to risk your capital on

  • automate the backtesting of ideas that you get in the shower, instead of looking at price charts and testing it manually for days

  • setup screeners and automate alerts on thousands of stocks instead of being dependent on external sources or manually cycling through stock charts

Algorithmic Trading Mentorship will equip you with precisely these skills through hands-on tutorials, drills and mini-projects.

This mentorship is not be like some academic course. You will code alongside from day 1. The sooner you are in the trenches designing and writing code, the faster the development of these skills.

You are not expected to have any knowledge of any programming language. You will work with python and build your know-how from the ground up.

By the end of the mentorship, you will have:

  • designed backtesting infrastructure for intraday and positional strategies.

  • tested intraday and positional strategies.

  • developed an analytic framework designed to assess and compare the performance of strategies.

Table of Contents:

1. Why and how of Backtesting?

2. Python Setup & Basics

3. Data Manipulation with Pandas 

4. Working with Time-Series Data

5. Data Visualisation

6. Data Cleaning - Formatting Data for Use

7. Backtesting Strategies - Both Intraday & Positional

8. Strategy Validation - Metrics Analysis and Optimisation

9. Combining Multiple Strategies: Portfolio Level Backtesting

10. Creating Screeners for Semi Automated Trade Systems 

Project - Test a positional and an intraday strategy of your own.

Only students who enrolled in backtesting mentorship are eligible to enroll in execution mentorship.

Batch Starts: 3rd October' 22

Batch Ends: 30th October' 22

Course Delivery: ZOOM

Class Schedule: Flexible (as per participants)

(preference: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 8-10 PM)

Total Time: 32 Hours

Fees: Rs. 30000/-

(all inclusive)


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